Builder’s representative


Linq’s client representative has extensive and versatile experience in the role, and we have broad knowledge of turnkey contracts and their management. In addition to ordinary turnkey contracts, we also have extensive experience of various project-adapted turnkey contracts, both in terms of division and various collaboration contracts/models.

We have a strong focus on ensuring good interaction. Furthermore, thorough follow-up of progress, quality, deviations, changes and HSE follow-up on the construction site. We often combine the role of Client Representative with the HSE manager role in projects. Key tasks we can assist with:

  • ​Early involvement to secure good contracts and follow these up throughout the project

  • Financial follow-up and change management

  • Conduct client meetings and necessary special meetings

  • Active participant in the design phase to ensure the best solutions.

  • Attend progress meetings and operational meetings, ensure that actions are taken in the event of deviations.

  • Ensure that the contractors have a well-functioning quality assurance system

  • Conduct independent spot checks on construction site inspections

  • Ensure that the deviation management system is working

  • HSE – we have experience of combining the role of Client Representative with the HSE coordinator function, both in the design phase and the execution phase.

  • Ongoing reporting to the project manager/owner