Salmar Settefisk AS – Tjuin

New hatchery at Tjuin, Malm


Our role in the project

Project management, construction management, builder's representative, responsible applicant, independent inspection and HSE coordination.


SalMar Settefisk AS

Project cost

NOK 1.3 Billion



The project involves the establishment of a new hatchery at the Tjuin industrial area in Malm.

  • New building with a footprint of approx. 17,000m2. 1 – 3 floors in different zones.
  • 2 hatcheries, 2 starter feeding units, 2 fry units, 2 smolt units and 1 post smolt unit, as well as all associated support functions.
  • Complete administration with all facilities and shift-work apartments.
  • Total capacity of 20 million smolt per year / 4000 tons.

The hatchery itself is being built as a two-part turnkey contract with several parallel contractor deliveries.

  • Pure Salmon Kaldnes Ras (formerly Krüger Kaldnes) holds a turnkey contract for the processing plant.
  • Consto Anlegg Midt AS is the turnkey contractor for the construction work.
  • Tangstad Transport as has a direct execution contract for ground and outdoor work.

The project consists of several parallel sub-projects, including:

  • Site clarification and site preparation work
  • Establishment of approx. 8km of new water supply via land and sea.
  • New well boat quay
  • Purification and sludge treatment plants
  • A number of other client deliveries