Ice Fish Farm – new smolt facility in Iceland

Building a new fresh water flow-through system for hatchery, first-feeding and pre-smolt.


Our role in the project

Project management


Ice Fish Farm

Project cost



2024 – 2025

The project includes the establishment of a new hatchery, first-feeding and pre-smolt department at Ice Fish Farms’ location at Laxabraut in the Ölfus region of Iceland. Ice Fish Farm has existing seawater tanks for post-smolt on the site, as well as a planned expansion with a new smolt department.

  • New building of approx. 4,000m2, department for hatchery, first-feeding, pre-smolt.
  • Complete administration with all facilities.
  • Heating and reuse of hot water with heat exchangers and heat pumps.
  • Total capacity for annual production of 4.2 million smolt.
  • New groundwater wells.