Construction loan control


Key tasks we can assist with:

  • Our employees have broad experience from construction loan control in several types of projects, including several agricultural buildings, apartment buildings and commercial buildings.
  • On behalf of the lending institution, we perform ongoing follow-up and reporting from the construction site. We often combine the role of controller with construction manager and coordinator for the execution of major developments.
  • Developers are often one-off builders who need extended assistance compared to other developers. Here, we can adapt our role based on the builder’s requirements and expertise.
  • Inspections are carried out at regular intervals to ensure that there is a match between funds disbursed from the construction loan account and the value added to the project.
  • Construction accounts are kept up to date and reviewed with the client and lending institution on an ongoing basis and when necessary.
  • In this process, we assess whether the allocated amount is sufficient to complete the project.
  • Review and approval of relevant documentation in the construction project.
  • Progress control – ensuring that stipulated timeframes are met.
  • Assist with completion and handover.